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Our standard mobile rig consists of the following audio setup:

• X2 Pioneer CDJ decks

• X1 Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer

• X1 Mac book Air

• X1 Sure SM58 Microphone

• X1 2000W amplifier 

• X1 Asio audio interface card

• X2 peavey 500W Speakers on stands

This setup allows for multiple redundancies should a audio source fail. Our DJ carries as standard a selection of CDs for use as a backup and over 300 days of music on a solid state hard drive

Please note you are able to double the sound system for an additional charge.


Our Standard mobile rig comes with the following lighting setup:

• X2 DMX LED moonflower effects 

• X4 DMX LED Mini Moving heads

• X1 Green scanning laser

• X1 DMX computer

• X1 DMX LED Starcloth around the DJ booth


Our lightshows all use a computer to control the lighting systems for the most efficient and coordinated effect possible. This means we are also able to do custom shows or illuminate certain areas for presentations etc.

Please note we are able to expand this rig to include as many lights or effects you require.

Atmospherics and special effects:

Some venues may allow for that little bit extra, we are able to provide a number of special effects for an additional charge.

These include but are not limited to:

• 3D laser shows

• Custom projections

• Bubble machines

• Smoke machines

• Snow Machines 

• UV black lights 

• UV paint

• Foam

Please confirm with the venue that you are able to use a required effect before purchasing the service. Pathogen does not accept liability for any damage and/or injury sustained though the use of our systems. A safety sheet is available on request.